Media Buyers Manual - Episode 2 Recap

Welcome, thank you - I’ve got to save words for what matters, David’s wisdom.

David Herrmann @HerrmannDigital on Twitter - he’s managed over $100m in Paid Advertising, typically on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest.

He got his start on MySpace managing Bands like Paramore and other indie bands, escalating to DTC brands (launch team of Costco’s Pinterest) and even the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Currently, he’s all DTC, managing clients from $500k to $1.5m / month and a huge believer in Performance Marketing, stating around 95% of his ads are performance-based. (I agree on this, don’t waste $ on vanity metrics!)

In addition to Performance Marketing, he believes in using the tools Facebook gives you.

IE. Standard Conversion Events - (Add to Cart, Purchase, View Content) - compared to Custom Conversions… why?

Ad blockers take an effect on Custom Conversions compared to Standard Events - solve this problem yourself by using UTM parameters via Facebook’s URL parameter.

Minimize Facebook’s options to determine Purchases.

They built the platform, you’re in their playground or sandbox so-to-speak.

So what Key KPI’s does David use for Scaling?

Revenue Unique ATC : Unique Purchases AOV per Ad Set CTR - does it meet baseline requirements?

CPA Bonus: Video, he looks at Thumb Stop Ratio

How do you observe these KPI’s like David?

Don’t look day-to-day, use a 7-day window.

I’d suggest creating benchmarks for the past 2 months overall, then breakdown your KPI’s weekly to the current date of your ads.

It can look this basic and this is just one campaign…

Cost Per Click - doesn’t weigh as heavily in relevance to David - his point was simply put:

If CPC < CPA/CAC & CPA < CLTV = Scale Up.

How do you go about Testing Creative?

“Testing creative is an art…” - David Herrmann.

It really is - David’s refined it.

He uses control groups: frequent buyers as well as prospecting audiences that have historically performed well.

Prospecting can be weighed differently compared to Retargeting.

IE. a 1.5x ROAS and 3x Remarketing ROAS is good.

Spend a minimum of $1000 on new creative for AOV’s > $50.

Take the winner and put it into a Dynamic Product Ad (DPA) in Facebook with other winning creative and let the algorithm figure out your winners.

Simply take out losers and replace with other winning creative from your tests.

When you find winning creative, dive deep into WHY it’s working and 10x that amount of content.

If it’s one hook, go and figure out more / where / how can you repackage - make more of that.

Creative testing is his #1 lever as a Media Buyer.

I asked David to rank 3 levers of a Media Buyers Control (in some capacity) and here was his order…

1) Creative Landers Offer - He can use one lander for years, (I’ve found the same).

Just frequently swap creative to avoid ad fatigue.

Angles are swapped out - but focus on problem one and how to repackage it - or seasonality - the zeitgeist of what’s happening now.

Don’t change the conversation, join it - just don’t be white noise to a conversation, have a unique value.

How can you take advantage of Pinterest?

Pinterest is not immediate results - a mix of Social Ads + Longtail Search.

Images pop up in Google Search, the dwell time helps SEO as does the backlinks - it’s very good.

When you turn off the ad, the ad is still pinned to someone’s wall - an organic aspect can refer traffic and sales!

A simple Pinterest organic/natural feeling post with embedded links and traffic ran to it generated $125k in Sales for one of David’s clients - Zag when people Zig!


Your value is not tied to the performance of an ad account - it comes with time/age - 90% of the time an ad account doesn’t work it’s out of your absolute control.

Big media buyers affect the ecosystem.
IE. Bloomberg


  1. Do you scale by specific percentages? A: Scale by 15% every 72 hours if KPI’s meet standards.
  2. Gun to your head - Images or Video Creative? A: Images.
  3. Preferred Video Curation Method - UGC or Production? A: User-Generated Content all the way!

BONUS Q: 3 People he recommends to follow and talk with?
A: Andrew Foxwell, Josh Baer & Florian Litterst

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