Media Buyers Manual - Episode 3 Recap

Welcome back, last episode had a great reception - thank you! I hope this week it continues to build!

Danavir Sarria is an Email Marketing specialist, with a STRONG foundation in Direct Response Copywriting.

To me, he’s an Email Marketing aficionado. This conversation has come full-circle, as Danavir was my first ever podcast guest just 5-short/long years ago. (Depends on your perspective).

Danavir has elevated his game from info-products to working with 7-8 figure brands via Email Marketing.

So we’ve got another big fish swimming in our small pond.

In our conversation, we dive into all things Email Marketing and Copywriting such as:
* Email Marketing Sequences
* Breaking down the Customer Journey
* Persuasion via Positioning Products and Brands
* Product Awareness vs. Problem Awareness
* Style of Writing

Let’s dive into the good stuff!


There’s a general flow he follows, in which he found his sweet-spot in a flow using 2-4 emails… that’s it.

He likes to nail down the positioning, be unique or enjoy the quicksand so-to-speak.

Segmenting his lists via SKU’s, by their intent and so on…

Adam, (one of the new co-hosts) mentions high-frequency emailing, is it an annoyance - or is it effective?

High-frequency emailing simply works, there’s a reason the big brands use them - the bigger your product catalog - the easier high-frequency emailing becomes.

Email Subject Lines: Doesn’t matter as much as the BRAND VALUE the SENDER themselves have.

Brand Power > Semantics

EMAIL FLOW – Earlier in Email Sequence, the longer the email.
1. Origin Story
2. Problem Awareness
3. Product Awareness + CTA
4. CTA


What is the value that you’re going to provide to the customer/user?

In your emails, you’re mapping out the customer journey, from their perspective… what does the customer need to know in order to make a purchase?

Problem 1 -> Problem 2 -> Problem 3 etc.

Always provide enough value in the content of the email, while overcoming those objections.

Long-form emails work best.


Position your Products in the current Zeitgeist.

An example was from one of my Coffee Clients - in which we’re using the positioning “the at-home Barista”.

How does your product or brand really differentiate itself from the rest of the industry?

You want to be first, first at ANYTHING. First is better than second.

Essentially repackage your positioning in different messages.


Problem awareness ALWAYS comes before product awareness… (unless you have such a straightforward product).

The user/potential customer needs to be aware of the problem that they face without your product, that’s an email right there in your automation sequence.

The following email which should be followed within a day is to raise problem awareness again - as well as product awareness.

Why your user can’t solve their problem WITHOUT the product and the EASE of solution that your product brings.

Simplicity sells.


Write personable… utilize the way you talk - you are unique, this helps you position yourself and PEOPLE RELATE TO YOU BETTER!

Don’t sound like a textbook - write like a human being.

When you overcomplicate your writing, no one wants to read it… again, simplicity sells.

People want a brand that they can relate to… you want your users to FEEL good about getting your emails.

That’s it… that’s the email…

I hope you enjoyed this episode / email / read and have some key takeaways for your business to implement for Email Marketing!

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