Media Buyers Manual - Episode 4 Recap

Wow, I really enjoyed having Matt on the podcast, he brings real joy and enthusiasm you can feel when talking about Facebook Ads.

Matt has been in the Digital Marketing space for 4 years, and lives in the Bay Area.

He’s got a real knack for scaling people from NOTHING to a tangible $5k-20k / month in ad spend - profitably. After only 6-8 months experience…

That’s why Matt is our guest for episode 4!

Episode 4 Contains:

Scaling a Client from $200 / month to $2000 / month – The Barebones

Matt was given $200 for Black Friday last year, and got 5x ROI for his client. Which he’s now scaled profitably to spending over $2,000 / month!

He really knows how to help local businesses maximize ROAS! He uses a specific structure to do this…

The Consolidated Ad Structure

This is the methodology Matt employs for smaller accounts/clients that he needs to scale from virtually nothing to $5-20k / month!

What is it?

Within a CBO (campaign budget optimization), you put prospecting and retargeting in the same campaign.

This lets Facebooks’ algorithm maximize ad spend to the best-performing ad sets.

Which, for smaller businesses, is vital that every $$ is optimized.

Advertising based on SKU’s in CBO’s

Your Product Catalog is in - you can advertise your products using CBO’s.

Use: A) Similar Sized Audiences (EX. 1.2m & 1.1m size) B) Advertising the SAME SKU’s in a CBO

This allows you to maximize the algorithm for 1 product within your campaign instead of multiple.

Simplify the data you feed Facebook (reminds me of Ep. 2 with David Herrmann).

Cost Caps 101

Ever noticed when you use cost caps on Facebook and you don’t get impressions?

This can be due to your audience lacking engagement on your ad, and/or landing page.

Don’t raise cost caps from your target CPA because you’ve got minimal impressions - adjust creative in a bigger way than just background colour.

If you still aren’t seeing any spend, increase your cost cap with the original creative and iterate from there.

The Inception of Learning: WHO & HOW did Matt learn about Facebook Ads?

Twitter, Podcasts, YouTube.

Gordon, one of the rotating co-hosts (who you’ll learn A LOT more about next week), drops absolute gold…

Learn by spending your own money.

You can learn by running your own ads on your own dime.

How can you drive traffic to an offer, in which you solve the traffic/users 1 problem?

1. You make a lead magnet (ebook, pdf checklist or newsletter)

2. Set up a landing page on ConvertKit

3. Design your Landing Page (simplicity)

4. Traffic via FB Ads to Landing Page (Use UTM parameters)

5. Have people download your eBook or Opt-In to Newsletter

6. Learn Direct Response Copywriting

7. Ad Creative Design

8. Angles / Hooks for Copywriting

It’s a surefire way to figure out how to run ads on your own dime and build an audience around something you might enjoy!

The Mindset of Media Buying – Separate Yourself from Outcomes

You are not the result of your work.
No matter how good or bad it may be.

You can be the King of DTC one day and a DTC Disaster the next if you let your emotions and results control how you operate.

Surrender yourself to the outcome, I’ve learned this in Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game… it is so applicable to not only Media Buying, but life…

Surrendering the outcome, I find helps give me a boost in creativity as well…

You are a human being, ride the tide of wins and losses - but don’t let it define you.

Setting Expectations & The Asshole Tax

Yup, you’ve got to set and manage client expectations.

If you take credit for the massive wins, you’ve got to take credit and hone up to the pitiful losses as well.

I take these on the chin myself, I hate losing.

Especially now, in COVID-19 times, clients experience massive swings in performance… just relay to your clients its a volatile time.

But, you’ve got to keep agile to the swings… mitigating losses and maximizing wins.

If a Potential Client is being a real pain, hit ‘em with the asshole tax.

Your time is valuable and you don’t want to waste it on someone who will annoy you… but if they pay you a $10k-50k retainer, I’m sure you’ll happily take their shit.

All in all, feel free to always say no to assholes.

~ Fin ~

Why do they say ‘fin’ and not ‘finish’ at the end of some films …

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