Media Buyers Manual - Episode 5 Recap

Welcome back to another episode recap of the Media Buyers Manual!

This weeks guest has been featured on Social Media Examiner, Social Media Week and more…

Tony Christensen is our honoured guest! Tony’s helped start Black Rifle Coffee’s Subscription Program.

He’s worked with numerous Brands and has spent $10m+ on Facebook Ads profitably!

On this week’s docket…
* The Research & Reverse Engineering Method
* Building Audiences Using Reviews… Yea, we know what you’re thinking … how? You’ll find out.
* One Product Websites / Landing Pages
* Getting into the First Time Buyers Mindset
* Why making canceling easy is a GOOD thing for Subscription-based businesses
* Prospecting the Right Clients to Work Alongside <—- Keyword
* Benchmarking for Performance Marketing

The Research & Reverse Engineering Method

Tony’s strategy when starting with a new or potential client is to research the Brands reviews.

Leverage reviews to use in your Copy, Creative, and Angles on Landing Pages.

Find pain points within reviews, people will say within their review often-times, why they bought ‘x’ product and it’s use-case.

As well as, who they bought ‘x’ product for.

It’s time-consuming Tony says, but it will be worth it.

Leveraging reviews is great social proof - I would highly recommend you leverage reviews.

I do it with a lot of my clients with success. It’s in the creative, the copy and on the landing pages.

Brand new company, minimal reviews?

Use competitor reviews - find their use-cases.

What do they ALL have in common?

Where can you find Product-Market Fit (PMF) within your vertical?

How can you position your brand differently?

You can even use Amazon Reviews if a similar product is on their marketplace (probably is)…

Get potential customer feedback with surveys (pay if you have to for surveys from ads - don’t launch something shit!).

Building Audiences Using Reviews

Yea… we know…

WTF are we on about?

Well, it’s laid out above a bit…

Finding use-cases within reviews - who it was bought for, why it was bought and any other information you can find commonalities with across reviews.

Leverage these into Customer Avatars.

Customer Avatars can then be used to identify audiences.

You know those surveys you may or may not have gotten filled out…?

Those could REALLY be valuable additions to knowing your customer avatar, on top of improving your product / service from feedback.

Use these audiences, test angles.


We like critical-thinkers, outside the box thinkers.

Be free with testing for yourself, you can have one small tweak - using your gut to make a massive monetary difference for a brand.

One Product Websites / Landing Pages

Try them out for yourselves, I actually know a few people who’ve been quite successful with one-product stores.

One-product landing pages are an awesome idea to test for your brand.

It’s an easier way to segment traffic using direct offers or bundles to help raise AOV and improve your CAC due to incentivized offers to the user.

Getting Into The First Time Buyers Mindset

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the above, as it flowed in the podcast…

Make sure you’re optimizing for a user to buy quickly and with enough information to skim the page and still purchase.

Ease the friction of a user from relative obscurity in terms of knowing your brand, into someone who can confidently make a purchase from you.

Establish trust - social proof (reviews), don’t have spammy pop-ups, discount wheels etc.

Look legit, feel legit to the user.

Also a cart tip, have feedback - many-a-time Tony has seen it where NOTHING happens when an item is added to cart.

How will your customer know when to purchase?

… After adding 10 items, getting frustrated and leaving?


Make intuitive cart pages, or do as Adam, our co-host likes to do - kick them to the checkout page ASAP from add to cart.

Why Making Canceling Easy is a GOOD Thing for Subscription-based Businesses…

Again, this ties into the above - getting into the first time buyers mindset.

We’re not in the 90’s - there shouldn’t be any calls unless your demographic is the elderly.

Make canceling online easy.

You customers will actually find it hard to leave and give a reason why they feel bad for leaving…

Tony’s even found people return if the cancelation process is easy enough.

PSA: Not everyone cancels subscription because they’re unhappy - things happen and you might not be up on their pecking order.

Transparency as a Business, stems from processes, people, and communication.

Be an ethical business owner.

You’ll also find the people will be finding more trust with your brand if your upfront with how to cancel.

Just don’t give them a reason FROM YOU to cancel.

Prospecting The Right Clients

Previously we’ve spoken of the Asshole tax.

Well, who is the right client then?

These are some attributes Tony gave us…
* Testing is frequent / testing-mindset
* Listens to your Input
* Operate like Partners (even if an agency – its about caring for clients & vice-versa)
* Transparency

Benchmarking for Performance Marketing

Look at your KPI’s that matter in relation to each other. Know the costs you can accept and cannot.

Be willing to iterate a lot to make it work!

KPI’s included…
* Link Clicks to Content Views
* Content Views to Add to Carts
* Add to Cart to Initiate Checkouts
* Initiate Checkouts to Purchase


“What campaigns do you use when initially setting up a new client on Google Ads?”
1. Brand Campaign (brand name + variants of it)
2. Competitor Brand Campaign (you can catch a lot of competitor traffic with competitors asleep on their Brand Searches)
3. Direct Campaign (Buy, Get, Order ‘x’)
4. Peripheral Campaign (Where can I get ‘x’,
How to find ‘x’ online, Top 10 ‘x Brands’ in ‘x location’)

That’s it…

Tony was an AWESOME guest to have on, very knowledgeable about not only on Facebook Ads - but also in terms of his methodical approach to client relationships, building brands and using customer feedback to leverage in his ads!
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