Media Buyers Manual - Episode 6 Recap

Personally, I loved this episode. We took questions from Twitter for the first time ever, to ask our guest.

I hope that brings a bigger community aspect to what we’re trying to do here! This will be more than 750-words (but not much), Gil had SO many insights.

This Weeks Low-Down

* Actionable Tips: Scaling a Facebook Ad Account from $50 / day
* What Are You Looking For When Taking on New Brands
* Launch Structure: Smaller Accounts / Brands Beginning their Journey
* Gil’s Go-To Scaling Campaign
* Using Stories for Brand Building
* 1 Mistake Media Buyers Would Benefit from Getting Rid Of
* If You HAD to Eliminate 1 Social Media Platform - Which one?
* Pick 2/3 Things to Start a Brand With…

I tweeted out on May 14th if people had questions for Gil. A few rolled in and we’re grateful to them for their contributions!

That’s pretty well how we start off our episode with Gil David.

Originally from London and now living in Belfast, Northern Ireland - he’s run ads for over 6 years with a wealth of knowledge!

Actionable Tips: Scaling a Facebook Ad Account from $50 / day

Be aggressive in those situations, to a limit.

Big swings and day-trading accounts can throw off results for an account by having a run of a few bad days.

Gil recommends over $500+ to successfully day-trade, but that’s beside the point.

Get at least 20 conversions per ad set per week to see stability.

Focus on Creative - don’t run too many ads - to avoid diluting ad spend / testing results — aka. you won’t get the data you’re necessarily looking for.

Start with 3 diff creatives - diff images / videos Take creative that has got a decent CTR + Engagement.

Look for Add to Carts & obviously looking for purchases, don’t look over 1 day - FB very up and down so don’t get too hyped - benchmark for 3 days of consistency before scaling.

If you’re slight on budget, you can’t scale horizontally - but vertically - increase about 20-30%

Give it 2-3 days - if it is still consistent, 20-30% increase again.

What Are You Looking for When Taking on New Brands

  1. AOV
  2. LTV
  3. Website Conversion Rate

In no particular order!

In eComm, bare minimum 1% conversion. Ideally 2% conversion rate - landers help to get around that.

Launch Structure: Small Budgets / Brand Beginning Their Journey

Simplify it, trying to retarget with minimal people, < 1000 in an audience doesn’t get the impressions for delivery typically on TOF/MOF/BOF structures.

Consolidate a little, take the majority of budget to TOF to get people into the Funnel.

Have broad 30 day retargeting and try diff carousel plus DPA ads.

Gils BOF is strictly ATC and VC in last 30 days - starting to use a little more CBO - but still ABO.

Anyone who’s been on website > 30 days is in a stacked/mosh pit ad set (less intent — haven’t seen your stuff in a month plus).

Digital age it takes around 12 touchpoints to recognize your brand.

EPOA - day range dump audience - outside 60-90 days and put all together as a “warm audience stack” .

A hot engagers audience - 7 days EPOA - SPLIT IG / FB - smaller accts lump them together.

Send diff type of content / DPA’s to kick them down the funnel — starting now with putting it in CBO - if not getting much delivery play with delivery.

Gil’s Go-To Scaling Campaign

Other than the shack-stack?.. Lol Nick Shackelford was just looking for his shoutout on the show!

It’s adding 30 day IC,ATC,PUR 1,2,3,4,5 - nick’s excludes the level below it.

Gil likes his bid caps right now and “clustering”.

Say the AOV is $20 the ad sets are 10%, broad targeting with 3-6 creative with bid cap of $5 $10, $15, $20, $25, etc. and gets it.

Cost caps… Gil isn’t a fan, it’s inconsistent. Also, clients don’t like it due to limited amounts of traffic etc.

Bid Cap and Lowest cost - bid cap to get the sales at the price you want, but Lowest Cost bidding gets the impressions/delivery.

Using IG Stories for Brand Building

Warm audience using IG Stories 9:16 has been working well and he’s continuing to test on these — good IG ads stand out for brands.

Not massive scale with stories, but showing different creative and different ways to educate different sections of the platform…

Women are a big user of IG Stories (at least my girlfriend is)!

Use stories in warm audiences to MOF — if kills, give to TOF / cold.

1 Mistake Media Buyers Would Benefit From Eliminating

2 extremes… the people who check accounts too often and too little.

Gil checks his accounts around 3 times/day.

Do most of your activity in the morning to help the algorithm respond to your changes now - if you haven’t scheduled them in.

If you HAD to Eliminate 1 Social Network… which one?

Gil’s answer for Ads: Twitter.

Organically, however, Twitter is great for getting to know people you might not have ever gotten the chance to interact with, sharing of ideas etc.

General platform - Tik Tok would be eliminated by Gil.

What would Adam get rid of?

Ads: Twitter + Reddit

Tip: Speak the language of a subreddit, don’t sell, don’t feel like an ad or look like an ad - if you’re doing that you’ll get torn apart.

Pick 2/3 Things to Start a Brand with…

  1. Engaged Email List of 5000 People
  2. Unique Product / Market Fit
  3. Jaw-Dropping Creative (abundance)

Was it an easy choice?

Gil chose Unique PMF x Jaw-Dropping Creative, almost instantaneously.

Creative will push the needle more than anything else like audience targeting etc. (unless you haven’t honed in on your Customer Avatar).

P.S. For listeners of the show, the 2nd last-minute, enjoy my computer almost lagging out, but showing true diligence for our fandom to complete the task-at-hand.

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